Department Of Technologies and Installations for Waste Management


Educational panel


Field of study:  Enviornmental  Engineering  

Semesters 3rd and  4th  , subject: Waste management

Specialty : Waste management

Field of study:  Safety Engineering  

Specialty: Hygiene and safety work

- subject: Waste management

Specialty : Safety of technologies, machines and processes,

- subject: Disposal of hazardous waste

Field of study: Environmental  Protection



5th semester , subject: Waste management

5th semester, subject: Special and hazardous waste  

Field of study: Energy

Specialty:  Alternative energy technologies and environmental management

4th semester, subject: Thermal disposal of waste

Field of study:  Mechanical  Engineering

Specialty: Machines and installations of environmental protection

Specialty: Environment protection systems

Postgraduate studies

Waste management

Student academic circle


Student academic circle of waste management