Department Of Technologies and Installations for Waste Management


Department in numbers


Under the supervision of the staff of deparment 864 students received diplomas.

Every year the staff of the Department conduct:

1536 hours of lectures,

160 hours seminar

270 hours of exercises ,

1678 hours of laboratories,

954 hours of projects.

For direct contacts with students, teaching staff spend 2400 hours a year (as part of the consultation).

During the year, staff of the Department cover a distance of 128 km - walking in front of blackboard during lectures (some workers inflate the statistics!).

Science work

The Department staff conduct 20 scientific papers - of which is carried out annually on average 5 individual research projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education per year.

Every year the staff of the Department publish an average of 300 articles in scientific journals - including about 5 in journals with the highest prestige, or the so-called. ISI Master Journal List . On average, falls, so about 6 publications on 1 researcher. This is one of the highest rates of Silesian University of Technology.