Department Of Technologies and Installations for Waste Management


For candidates

Dear candidates for student


   Dear candidates for student

The moment for deciding what you will be doing in the future is coming. It will be certainly important about determine to success of your profession. This is decision of what do you want to study and where. The Department of Technologies and Installations for Waste Management is a guarantee to getting knowledge and wide perspectives for future. This is an offer for candidates on students:
  • Getting an attractive profession with possibility of easily getting a good job
  • Professional, well experienced and friendly academic staff will be guarantee of high level of teaching.
  • Constantly innovated research and computer laboratories
  • Opportunity to go abroad on students exchange by programs: Erasmus, KIC InnoEnergy and Leonardo
  • Possibility of additional personal development in Student Academic Circle

Field of studies:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Energy
  • Environmental Engineering


Why this specialities, are worth to choose them?

  • Wide possibilities of find a good job;
  • you can find a job in project offices
  • you can get a job in thousands prive employers like: companies which are collectiongm, segregating and managing waste
  • you will have 
  • you will have a opportunity to find a job in companies in departments of construction and environmental protection;
  • you will have a opportunity to find a job in local authorities like: regions, voivodeships, districts, municipalities, ministries
  • you will have a opportunity to find job in many laboratories which are reserching physical and chemical parameters and companies which are collecting the environmental samples
  • you have opportunity to find a job in education as a lecturer/teacher of school subjects and courses connecting  with environmental protection
  • bo masz możliwość podjęcia pracy w wielu przedsiębiorstwach i zakładach gospodarki komunalnej.
  • you have an opportunity of find a job in municipal companies 
  • because the waste management is really perspective in Poland nowadays. It will be constructed over a dozen installations for thermal disposal of waste, and today there is lack of specialist in this profesion.
  • the work is stable is reliable not depend of economical situation
  • as a Energy engineer you will be working in "0" Emission sector like combustion of waste

What will be your skills after graduating studies?

  • You will know latest trends and technical solutions in environmental protection mainly in waste management
  • You wil have the knowledge about thermal, biological, mechanical transforamtion and disposal od waste
  • You will get to know the regulations in legislation particulary in environmental protection
  • You will get to know the computer software necessary to design in this sector
  • You will know the rules of working in laboratories and you will can do independent the research of physical and chemical parameters of waste and analysing the results
  • You will know the rules of environmental management and latest computer software to manage the environment

What we offer?

  •     Studying in a nice atmosphere
  •     Individual approach to each student 
  •     The ability to integrate in student academic cirvcle
  •     The ability to make a work practice in the form of student scientific camp
  •     The possibility of participating in scientific and research projects making by academic teachers
  •     Possibility of writing the graduation thesis on the topic which you are intrested