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I STAGE - Applying for the foreign exchange contest:

1. Check in Calls and results information about ongoing calls for foreign academic exchange.

2. Choose a call, read project Regulations, download and complete required documents available for stage I in Documents.

3. Send a scan of completed documentation to the Project Office - mail: - within 14 calendar days from the date of announcement of the call.

4. The comittee appointed by the Project Manager within 14 calendar days from the date of the end of call will announce the results. They will be available in Calls and results.


II STAGE - Formal documentation of foreign exchange:

1. Project Office will register your trip in SOD system.

2. Download and complete required documents available for stage II in Documents. You are subject to two agreements: agreement NAWA and internal agreement for reimbursement of costs. 

3. The amount (first part of scholarship) you should write in NAWA agreement for payment within 14 days of signing consitute 75% of total scholarship* provided for a given trip.

*Tables with amount of scholarships for travel and maintenance.

4. Complete of signed documents send to the address of the Project Office or send scans to mail: Remember to take originals of documents to Poland.

5. Start foreign exchange in the date specified in the agreement.

6. When implementing a short form of education, remember to obtain the Certificate of Participant with the learning outcomes consistent with the model.


III STAGE - Settlement of foreign exchange:

1. Deliver to the Project Office completed documents required at this stage, i.e. Certficate of Participant, foreign exchange report, two financial settlement forms: NAWA and internal form.

2. Fill in the Evaluation survey available online. You will receive information and login in the Project Office.

3. After completing all of the formalities, you will receive second part of scholarship provided for a given trip.