Department Of Technologies and Installations for Waste Management



The  Management of Department 

Ph.D.,D.Sc.Eng. Krzysztof Pikoń - Head of the Department

Ph.D.,D.Sc.Eng. Tomasz Jaworski - Deputy Head of the Department

The Secretariat

Mrs. Teresa Burghardt


Ph.D Eng. Monika Czop - guardian specialties: Waste Management

Ph.D Eng. Waldemar ¦cierski - guardian specialties: Machinery and Equipment for Environmental Protection, Environmental Protection Systems, Energy waste, monitoring and management of the environment


Ph.D Eng. Monika Czop - Head of the Laboratory of Physicochemical Analysis (LAF)

Ph.D.,D.Sc.Eng. Danuta Król - Head of the Analytical Laboratory of Advanced Technology (LZTA)

Ph.D Eng. Waldemar ¦cierski - Head of Combustion Technologies Laboratory (LTS)

Ph.D Eng.  Marcin Landrat - Head of Thermal Analysis Laboratory (LAT)

Ph.D.,D.Sc.Eng. Mohamed Alwaeli - Head of Laboratory of Computer Science (LTI)

Ph.D.,D.Sc.Eng. Tomasz Jaworski - Head of the Laboratory of fluidized bed processes (LPF)


Mrs. Krystyna Bialas