Department Of Technologies and Installations for Waste Management


Analytical Laboratory of Advanced Technology (LZTA)


Analytical Laboratory of Advanced Technology (LZTA)


CNT Room 122b, Centre for New Technologies

Location: Gliwice, ul. Konarskiego 22B

The head of laboratory: Ph.D.,D.Sc.,Eng., Danuta Król




phone 32-237-11-34

Scientific potential:



• Mineraliser CEM MARS ,

• The gas chromatograph mass spectrometer coupled to GC-MS; Varian 3300 GC-MS-ITD. 800 Finnigan Mat,

• Equipment for the preparation of samples for chromatographic determinations:

- The extraction RET-control-visc IKA Labortechnik,

- Apparatus for concentrating the extracts RE-62 PCTHERM,

- Intersonic ultrasonic washer,

- Vacuum burner IKA Werke,

• Thermal Analyzer SETARAM.

Information  about possible to perform tests, experiments and analyzes




• Labelling of organic analytes by gas chromatography

• mineralization of solid samples for the determination of example. Heavy metals, nitrogen, phosphorus,

• Research thermo gravimetric flammable substance (TG, DTA).

The potential offer for the industry

• Indications for example. PAHs, aliphatic, cyclic and aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides and other organic analytes in samples of gas, liquid and solid,

• mineralization samples, eg. Soil, waste, fuel, compost for the determination of heavy metals,

• Examination of the thermal properties of the flammable substance.