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I STAGE - Applying for the call - foreign exchange:

1. Application form

The PROM Program - An international scholarship exchange for doctoral students and academic staff is aimed at improving the competence of PhD students and academic staff from domestic and foreign research and development centers through international exchange. Financing will cover scholarships covering costs related to the participation of doctoral students and academic staff in short forms of education: 5-30 days. These activities will take place in foreign centers, for participants from Poland, and in a Polish university or research and development center (selected by NAWA for the project implementation unit in the PROM program), for participants from abroad.
The scope of activities carried out under the PROM program, ie types of short forms of education, include: conducting didactic classes, participation in conferences, courses, workshops, training, summer / winter schools, scientific and research internships, study visits. Stpendia can also be intended for stays giving the opportunity to: obtain materials for didactic or scientific work, gain the ability to use research apparatus or increase the skills related to writing international grant applications.
The program financed by the National Academic Exchange Agency is implemented under the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development co-financed from the resources of the European Social Fudge

2. Call documentation

3. Declaration of foreign university on the admission of a candidate for specific form of education with the proposed date (only in case of internship; form of a letter depend on foreign university)

4. Consent to the processing of personal data

II STAGE - Formal documentation of foreign exchange:

1. Agreement NAWA 

2. Internal agreement for reimbursement of costs

3. Declaration of the project Participant

4. Declaration of project Participant about not receiving other scholarships


III STAGE - Settlement of foreign exchange:

1. Certificate with description of the learning outcomes

2. Evaluation survey (available online)

3. Trip settlement - NAWA

4. Trip settlement - internal form

5. Report on foreign exchange (form of letter chosen by Participant)